Minican 2 -Amber-

12,90  Iva incluido
¡Colores vivos para el verano!
Un cigarrillo electrónico de bolsillo de moda.
Excelente reproducción del sabor.
Autonomía 400mAh.
Inhalación directa o indirecta.
Capacidad del depósito 3ml.
Tamaño 28,1*15,6*83,1mm.

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Frugal Friendly

Replaceable pod, it can refill up to 20 times, alongside with rechargeable features, you can enjoy the new Minican 2 at extremely low cost.

Minican 2

Vaping Made Miniature

Massive performance on a miniature scale, Minican 2 adds a new coil resistance and expands a larger battery to enjoy a quality vaping experience.

Minican 2

New Miniature Model of Vaping

Crystal clear appearance and compact structure, Minican 2 is ergonomically designed for comfort and portability.

Minican 2

Long Battery Life

All Day Vaping

Bigger battery capacity.
Less charge time.

  • 400 mAh battery capacity.
  • Type-C charging.
Minican 2

You Decide

Color Your Comfort

Crystal clear appearance.
Choose whichever you want!

Minican 2

More Choices

Full Compatibility
More Enjoyment

Compatible with all existing Minican pods.

Minican 2

Your Trusted

Coil Technology

  • Mesh coils.
  • Ultimate flavor.
  • Long lasting life.
Minican 2 Pod

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